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Social Manager Duties (Outside of IBO)

1. Emails to promote events to people outside of IBO and Social Networking

2 Posts on FB and other sites to promote S.N.  events

3. Contact (phone, text) to outside people to get attendance at events up.

4. Engagement with other groups and organizations ie. Chambers of Commerce.

5. Posting of Pics and after event commentary on Social Media

6. Build up the SN FB Page membership

7. Add exciting content to SN FB page

8. Create engagement on SN FB page- ie. Like contests, Business forum, Market research etc.

9. Hosting duties and engagement at SN events.

10. Engagement with venues that host or may host SN events.

11. Run up to 2 SN events per month.

12. Tag people on SN and other FB posts.

13. Make suggestions and proposals for improving the Events Division, IBO/Social Networking and our Individual and Group Outreach.

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