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Event Networking Protocol

How to find the right networking events that will bring rewards.  There are so many networking events out there you could go to an event morning, noon, and night every day of the week.


Pre Event Plan

·       Pick the industries that are great for you to connect with.

·       Why are you going to the event?

·       Who are your best connector?

·       Who do you want to meet?

·       Who do you want to invite to come with you?

·       Look for people that are great connectors for the people you network with.


Event Plan

·       What are you going to say at the event?

·       Who are you going to introduce?


Post Event Plan

·       Follow up email, text, call

·       How to connect without pushing for sale or referral.


These lists are to get you started.  Use them as an outline and fill in the answers.  When you find an event that you feel would be good to attend, think of people you can invite to join you.  Having other networkers with you is a great way to work the room.  It also gives you the ability to introduce people which everyone likes. 


People say I want to meet everyone.  That really doesn’t bring the best results.  Focus on who are the best people to meet.  That isn’t to say meeting people in other industries are to be avoided.  Just start with a focus and expand from there.


What to say at the event is going to set the tone for how you are connecting with others.  Number one thing everyone seems to say when they first meet someone is, “What do you do?”  Be different, ask something else.  Catch everyone’s attention by going in a new way.  Try one of these phrases to get the conversation started. “What brought you to this event?”, “Who are you looking to connect with?”, “How did you wind up coming to this event?”  Trust in the fact that you will find out what the person does along the way.  What you will do in the beginning is to sound differently than everyone else.


When someone asks what you do don’t give that long winded elevator pitch.  It will make you sound like you are selling something.  It will make you sound the same as everyone else.  Start with your “Why”.  This is more about the passion of what you do.  Everyone knows what you do, they have an idea of how you do what you do.  The “Why” is really about your passion.  A great explanation is by Simon Sinek “Start With Why”.  This video will give you a new understanding of how to present what you do. 


Post event follow up is how you stick to the person you just connected with. Many people do a sales email without realizing that is what they are doing.


Hi New Connection


It was great meeting you at the event.  I really enjoyed our conversation. Let’s set up a time to connect and see how we can help each other grow our business.




That last line that is underlined is the unwitting sales pitch.  It says the only reason you want to meet with me is to get business. Avoid any and all statements that related to doing business.  Say things like “I look forward to connecting with you at an upcoming event.”, “I would like to introduce you to….”  These are great reasons to get together without the sales approach.


Enjoy the event and always look to sound different.

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